You can quit drinking without AA

My name is Emmett, and I am an alcoholic.

A recovered alcoholic. I have learned how to enjoy my life without alcohol and without AA, and I want to share my experience with you.

I spent years trapped in the hell of alcohol dependence. I struggled for a long time trying to get sober. I went to treatment, and I tried to achieve sobriety by going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. I tried to work the AA program and the 12 steps, but I found that I just couldn’t do it while still being honest with myself.

With all this struggle, something amazing happened along the way. I realized that I could achieve and maintain sobriety without the crutch of AA, and my life has been much better ever since. I have reached a level of clarity I’ve never had before, I no longer have any desire to drink alcohol, and I have done all this on my own terms.

I decided to share my experience by writing an ebook, Overcoming Alcoholism without AA. If you’ve struggled with drinking, if you’ve tried AA but thought it wasn’t the program for you, or if you want to achieve and maintain sobriety on your own terms, then this is the book for you!

I wanted to put all of my experience into this book. This is what you’ll get with Overcoming Alcoholism without AA:

  • My story, how I struggled with alcohol and AA, and how I got through to get to where I am today
  • How I found a way to live a happy, sober life without the crutch of AA
  • 4 reasons to avoid AA
  • An extensive list of ideas, suggestions, and tips for achieving and maintaining sobriety without AA

If you want freedom from alcohol and AA, if you want to learn how to live a happy, content life without alcohol and without AA, if you want to gain sobriety without compromising your beliefs, then Overcoming Alcoholism without AA provides the blueprint for you.

All this is available for $5.99 now for only $1.99, and payment is done through PayPal, so you know it’s secure. The ebook is available in PDF format on this website, but other formats (including Amazon Kindle format) can be found here.

What are you waiting for? Learn how to quit without AA today!

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